Why a Social Marketing Home Business is the Opportunity of a Lifetime

You can now take charge of your life, your health and your job security.. with your own social marketing home business franchise featuring a revolutionary new product.

It makes sense to create additional streams of income so that you are earning money from different sources. You are here because either you were invited by someone who thinks a lot of you, or you found it on your own because you are looking for ways to improve your life.

WELCOME! Ready to learn more?

Right now, in our present economy, people are struggling. And they are looking for an opportunity such as a home business to take charge of their lives: how they look, how they feel, and how much money they can earn to take care of their family the way they want to do, dream about, and know that they can!

In August, 2008, our company released the world's next BILLION DOLLAR anti-aging tonic, a revolutionary new product that provides an exciting opportunity on its own to start your own home business.

Anti-aging supplements target:

Protect and Repair DNA
Impact all 4 of the body's aging mechanisms
Increase Cellular Energy, and more!

People want to target:

Reduce inflammation that causes pain and diseases
Diseases of Aging
Heart Health (including diabetes)
Joint Health (including Arthritis)
Brain Health (including Alzheimer's)
Support Cardiovascular Health
Enhance Our Immune Systems to fight aging
Antioxidant Protection

You can join us in representing anti-aging alternatives along with all the other products our #1 Natural Nutrition brand manufactures.

Our home business opportunity is with a brand that is currently representing 6 MAJOR GROWTH TRENDS:

1- All Natural Nutrition Supplements, including Anti-Aging
2- Non-toxic Green Cleaning Products
3- Weight Loss & Weight Management (Healthy) Programs
4- All Natural Anti-Aging Skin Care Systems
5- Air and Water Purification
6- Home Business Opportunity

..and all of these industries are targeted to keep growing for years to come.

The opportunity to be associated with a 52+ year old brand that already has a legacy of success, already has proven their integrity and excellence in products, and has always offered one of the best compensation plans in the industry is one that not too many franchises can claim. Plus, you don't have to invest tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands of dollars, to start a business that may take years to see a profit. You can earn money from Day 1.

Better health for you - time freedom - unlimited financial opportunity.. these are what we have and what you can have as well.

If we show you a plan for success, will you follow it?

Are you:

1. Looking for a way to improve your life?
2. Looking for a way to increase your income?
3. Looking for a way to be in control of your time?
4. Looking to work with like-minded people each day?
5. Wanting to make a difference?

If so, this may be for you because we have all of this and more!

We have:

A. A way for you to accomplish any or all of the following that may be on your wish list: pay off debt, create more income, retirement fund, work from home, tax advantages of a home business, replace your current job.
B. A company with a long, proven, track record that is able to stand the test of time for over 52 years with products that change people's lives.
C. Products in six major growth trends backed by 250 million dollars of research and development.
D. Six ways to earn income and you will qualify for every one of them.
E. The next BILLION DOLLAR PRODUCT (information below).

What you won't have:

A. inventory
B. high start-up costs
C. employees
D. a boss
E. limit on your income

As you watch the videos below, you may know the company we work with, or have heard of it. We enjoy our legacy of helping people feel better physically and providing an income opportunity that is unlimited. We count on the brand to give us the quality and excellence in products, and to keep up with the times in regard to technology, marketing and all aspects of our business. They do this and provide constant support and growth.

More about the MILLION DOLLAR PRODUCT: on 8-8-08, a cellular anti-aging tonic was introduced by our #1 Natural Nutrition Company in the United States. 10X more powerful than resveratrol alone, it is a product in demand across age groups.

More about social marketing: below is a video that explains more about the home business model our founder implemented over 52 years ago. It worked then and it works now. If you think about it, we all employ this concept throughout our lives. From the time we are young and tell our friends about something 'cool' to when we share a new restaurant we found with a friend, or pass along a recommendation of any kind. There are benefits on both sides because we pass along the very best that science and nature has provided for us to feel great every day and that helps other people. We benefit as well because we are compensated quite well for doing so!

We will show you how to build (residual) income that pays you forever. because that is what we do. Earning income now that changes your life and your family's lives, and that you can leave behind for future generations is now available to you.

We can sit down with you and discuss specific numbers, and help you make a plan to grow the business that will pay you forever. Whether you choose to work offline, online, or a combination of both, we have many forms of marketing that attract people to us.

Average Income Examples

What do you think? Do you like what you have heard? Are you ready to take the next step?

We welcome you to join our team and plug in to the training, mentoring, marketing, and support we offer. To start your business today, you will purchase a Gold Ambassador Kit for $300. It contains products and business materials valued at over $500, including your personal website free for 3 months and product worth over $125.
You will be qualified to earn money all six ways, and to earn income by doing business internationally as well. You, or someone you know, may know people who live in other countries where we do business. With Web 2.0 services like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more, it is easier than ever to communicate with people around the world and we are expanding globally.

More about the Gold Ambassador program:

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