Use Key Words To Market Online

Are you marketing a product or service online? Many web site owners struggle with keyword research. Would you be surprised to hear that your keywords can be responsible for you getting significant traffic to your website every day, or not getting much at all? The fact is that finding, and using, the right keywords on your website and in your overall internet marketing plan can be remarkable.

When you think about the fact that marketing online revolves around people searching for information and knowledge and things to purchase, the words they search become very important. These are what online marketers call keywords. There exists what we refer to as money keywords for every market.

Money keywords, or profitable keywords, are special because they are targeted, they get a lot of searches every month, and the competition has not saturated the words. Money keywords are key words and phrases that you, the website owner, can rank for at the top of the search engines. That means the top results on the first page of Google and other search engines.

Here are 3 tips to help you find the profitable keywords for your website, along with some strategies that show the significance of keywords to website.

1) You now understand that doing business online requires a visitor finding your website and purchasing your product or service. Unless personally invited to your website, they find it by clicking on an ad of some form, or searching for information in Google or other search engines and seeing your website displayed at or near the top of the first page (this is traditionally where people will click).

So how do you claim the top spots in the search engines? You need to optimize your website so that the search engines like it and reward it by listing it high in their search results. So the first step is to secure the right keywords to target.

Your keyword research should involve finding the money, or profitable, keywords to target since these are the words that people already search and that you can rank for in the search engines. The keywords will be used on your website and in all marketing that you do off-site.

2) It is beneficial to get into the mindset of the potential buyers of your product or service. What kinds of words do they use that relate to your business? What are the problems they are having? What are the answers they are looking for? What are common words or phrases that are associated with your market?

When you start to gather ideas, you can feed them into keyword research tools that will return even more suggestions to you. It is possible to quickly build a long list of potential key words or phrases. If you are doing PPC marketing, you might need long lists of keywords.

However, if you are optimizing your website so that it will be found in the free side of the search engines, the organic or natural side, you don’t need as many keywords. The key here is to target money keywords, or profitable keywords.

3) Once you have a large group of keywords, next you want to qualify them for the results they can produce for you in the search engines. It is important to determine that the specific keywords to website are getting a lot of searches every month. This is the first requirement of a money keyword.

Next, you must determine how competitive those keywords will be. For example, a keyword may get a ton of searches every month but there are already close to a million websites that are targeting those keywords. In this case, it would be very hard to beat out all of those websites to claim a top spot on a Google search result.

It is important that your keywords have a lower competition level. If fewer websites are using the keywords, and they are getting lots of searches, you will have a much better, and quicker, chance of ranking high for the terms.

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